Yep, The Flood Will Look Really Gross In Halo 4

We've already seen how the creepy cosmic symbiotes from the Halo games will come back in 343 Industries' upcoming release. These new screenshots offer added detail as to how they engage with Spartan soldiers in Halo 4's multiplayer Flood mode. Previous visual interpretations of the Flood never really gave me the shivers but this new look creeps me out a little.


    I love how they're literally just Spartans that have been infected. The visual cues are all there.

    Sounds so simple, yet it's been implemented so effectively.

    these screens arnt on xbox they are to just sell the game

    As long as the flood are not in the campaign, I can stomach seeing them in multiplayer. Barely. The flood are the worst part of any Halo game they were in

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