You Can Get Banned From Battlefield 3 For Fixing The Game's Colour Palette

Battlefield 3's got some of the most realistic visuals on the planet, and a lot of that comes from the game's use of lighting. It washes out colour palettes like the desert sun at midday.

Some people like that, but others don't, which explains why there's now a little hack available that removes the game's colour grading. Your mileage will vary on how effective it is - I think it makes it look more like a video game - but then, I'm also a sucker for big blue skies.

There's a slight problem with using it, though: because it's technically a hack, if you try and use it in a proper, authenticated game, the system may well think you're doing something naughty and boot/ban you.

So if you're going to try it out, try it out in private with pals.

BF3 colour Tweaker [Realmware, via PC Gamer]


    But the BF3 colours are pure ASS!!!!! This sucks :(

    I like it, but as Luke said BF3 is trying to be a realistic game, and although I do like the cartoony visuals more it does kinda sap from the realism.

      True that it does give the maps a cartoony look but a couple of the shots kind of reminded me of good old BF2 days.

      The reason for the cartoony visuals though could stem from the knowledge that th blue filter placed over top would be in place.

    Interested to see if you're able to use this without being booted/banned... I hate the blue tint on everything, it looks terrible.

    Might go look around in the Battlelog forums and see if anybody has mentioned it.

    The full removal of the colour grading is probably too much saturation, but half-way inbetween the game's washed out vision and the super-saturated version is probably closer to reality.

    Clearly the designers haven't spent a day out when it's a beautiful summer day.. because the sky really is blue.. not a washed out ocean green colour.

    I'm all for realism but not the kind of realism that this developer wants reality to be..

      The buildings look correct in standard mode but the grass and sky in corrected mode look correct...a blending of the two would be better.

      But they aren't trying to make it look real, they are trying to make it look graded like film.

    On the fence with this one, not like I can actually use the mod.. But, it suits some maps whilst making others appear over-saturated like in BF1943.

    I like the original tint, with the color just looks like Counter Strike.

    Not that Luke will read this, but there is another way of doing this, by just installing a FXAA Injector which does the same thing (+ better AA).

    Unless these days script kiddies (+ Luke) call FXAA Injector's hacks >_>

    Either way, there was a post by Dice team a long time back saying this is fine to do, FXAA at least.

      This isn't a FXAA injector, it's a program that literally modifies the in-game colour correction.

    Yeah, it just looks less like a vimeo video shot with a DSLR.

    Ok thats understandable. If its a hack then the Anti-Cheating program will notice it just as that do I dont blame EA.

    People know that mods and hacks shouldnt be used in online gameplay cause mods can give a player an advantage or disadvantage.
    When you buy a game your are givin the rights to play the game, not change it unless the developers state so.
    LittleBigPlaney, the Elder Scrolls and gane lije that r designed for nodding.

    The bit that gets you banned isn't the colour palette change, as precious as the developers seem to be about it. It's all the other interesting game parameter advantages (e.g. bullet damage) that the tool that makes this change can provide you with.

    The default colour palette in BF3's isn't remotely realistic. Do stop using that word to describe the washed-out bs peddled by colourblind turkeys, trying their hardest to appeal to the "ZOMG colours are for children! I'M TOO MATURE FOR THAT!" crowd.

    its been instagramed, why dont they release a patch with filters so we can choose

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