You Can Now Download Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer DLC

You Can Now Download Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer DLC

Gearbox surprised fans with an early release of the Mechromancer DLC that was originally planned for release on October 16. But instead we get it a week early.

And get it you should, because the Mechromancer is a powerful, versatile, spunky character with an amazing robotic bodyguard at her disposal.

But a specific time when the DLC would be available wasn’t initially announced. So this is your friendly public service announcement that you should now be able to download the DLC from the game’s menu (we’ve tried on PC and Xbox 360). Let us know if there are any difficulties!


  • I tried on the ps3 this morning and it downloaded an update. 1.0.1 I believe. But no mechro, and nothing popped up in the Downloadable content menu 🙁

  • Damnit! Without internet for another week. Been missing out on all the Golden Key codes Randy’s been dropping too.

  • Steam download was working this morning around 6:30am.. I was sleeping before that, so not sure when it went live on Steam.

    • Yup.. start a new character.. but you should be able to start a new character in the “New Game +” mode.. and of ccourse your Badass Ranks Awards carry over between characters too.

      • Badass points carrying over is pretty… badass. I thought it was going to be your challenges progress carried over, and your badass ranking would eventually max out when they were all complete, but it’s just gonna keep on going up. I think I’ll definitely be doing playthroughs as each and every character.

    • We always played co-op, this morning I used our second char for single player and you can choose to skip through to key parts of the story if you have been playing with someone before. You still have to do the important story line bits, eg help clap trap at the start, find Lilith, rescue Roland, but you don’t have to run everywhere and do optional quests along the way. It just teleports you to the next key area. I got up to saving Roland in 30 minutes with the lvl 15 Commando this morning.

      If its a brand new class, you don’t loose any other classes already started.

  • I’m loving it. Only played up to Sanctuary so far but running around with 80+ stacks of Anarchy is pretty fun. I found a shotgun that holds only one shell so that will counteract my constant compulsion to manually reload. I think next time I play I might check out the options to see if I can switch the reload button away from also being the pick up loot button. Twice already I’ve lost those Anarchy stacks from trying to pick up an item and missing.

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