You Can Register For PAX Australia Tickets Now

Now that PAX Australia has been officially announced, it looks as though you can now register and pay for tickets for the event.

The event starts on Friday July 19, 2013 and runs through until Sunday July 21. The daily tickets cost $45 each, whilst a three day pass will set you back $115.

You can register for tickets here. The official website doesn't seem to be linking through to the registration section just yet, so just go direct!


    Wow kinda shit selling tickets this far out, no idea if I will be able or even want to go by the time it rolls around.

      Not to mention the fact that you can buy a ticket on one of, or all 3 days and they haven't even provided a schedule yet. Why would i buy a ticket for a single day if i don't know what i'll be missing out on the other 2 days?

      ....................Or maybe they're just trying to force you to buy the 3 day pass so you don't miss out on anything?? :P

        $115 for a 3 day pass seems pretty damn good to me, either way. Even if you make it to only two days it's still a crap-load less than a lot of music festivals that last for 1 day and may only have a couple of bands your actually interested in (looking at you, Soundwave :P).

    Are we meating there?
    We should meat.


      It will be like crips, bloods and taybies!


    Arrrggg.... must... wait.. for... girlffirend.. to... permit... to... blow... so... much... money...


    3 day pass here, if i can get it!

      sorry that's all I got from that.

      On a related note, I wish I was getting down there, if you want to shout me a ticket I'd be real grateful :P

    Dear god let there be some left tomorrow when i get paid.'s so hard to commit this far away =/

    Having to pay for bills as well as the Zelda Symphony Orchestra PLUS a plane ticket to Sydney and now PAX is definitely not healthy for my poor wallet...

    Don't worry, we should have more time than the Americans had before it sells out!

    i.e. about a week

    Last edited 22/10/12 11:26 am

    Thanks for the heads up Mark :D


    Ergh... looks like I won't be going. I was going to try and arrange accomodation/travel in advance, then pick up tickets when they were available. I really wasn't expecting to have to shell out for tickets before January, at which point I'm sure they'll be sold out.

    Do we really expect such a quick sellout? The registration site has three price tiers (before May, May till opening, and "at the door"). I would have thought they'd have a much bigger market in the US than we have here for this kind of event.

      True but we also don't have the opportunities to see stuff here. Melbourne also has a huge culture of live events- see how many people we get to live football games (especially compared to attendances for things like Premier League in the UK), or how many Pink concerts in a row can be sold out, stuff like that. They've had to plan in case they don't sell out or don't sell out quickly... but I reckon the word will get around pretty fast. In any event, if I don't buy now I'll forget.

    Booked! MrsBS and I will enjoy out trip to Melbourne next year :D

    Dammit... horrible time of the year for me. A week before the start of semester? *sigh*

      Isnt that better than a week after semester starts?

        As I work for the Uni, my time is just as hectic getting everything ready for the coming semester as it is fixing problems in the first week. So, it's about the same, really. Ideally,if it were 1/3 to 2/3 of the way through the semester, I'd make an effort to go. C'est la vie...

    Tickets for me and my mate booked. Melbourne here we come.

    3-Day pass bought! Thanks for the heads yup!!!

    I'd love to go, but getting to Melbourne the accommodation and swag expenses will prevent me going.

    I have an overseas wedding next year (my brother's not mine) so yeah all available money goes to that.

    God I hope its not being organised by the same losers that messed up OzComic CON

    (It was a con)

    Pricing seems way cheaper than EB Expo was - but factor in flights and accommodation and you've got one hell of an expensive weekend. Although... it is very close to my birthday :)

    Got my 3 day ticket. Now, I live in Bendigo, 1.5 hours north by train. Do I stay in Melbourne, or take a daily 3 hour commute...?

    Aus prices are WAY up compared to US prices... I wonder if that's due to the cost of shipping Mike and Jerry down here?
    $10 more per day, or $45-$50 more for the 3 days (significantly smaller discount).

    Well, beggars can't be choosers... got my tickets.

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