You Can Totally Pre-Order The Journey Soundtrack (And You Should)

You Can Totally Pre-Order The Journey Soundtrack (And You Should)

Another post where I talk about how great Journey is? Why not. The soundtrack of thatgamecompany’s Journey was one of the reasons why it managed to affect so many people — it perfectly represents the ‘strangeness’ of the game world, and chimes in subtly at the correct precise times. Now you can buy the soundtrack on CD and thatgamecompany is taking pre-orders now.

And, for now at least, everyone who pre-orders receives a coy of the CD signed by the soundtrack’s composer Austin Wintory and the game’s creator Jenova Chen. Also, thatgamecompany is shipping the CD worldwide, so Australians needn’t worry.

Pretty swell.

Thanks Tigel


  • Already bought this ages ago off the PS Store. It is STUNNING. Arguably the greatest videogame soundtrack ever. I still listen to it regularly even now, months later. If you don’t already have it, do yourself a favour and buy it.

  • I have the digital soundtrack (from iTunes) and it’s very much worth getting a hold of any way you can. As a side note, it’s kind of funny how CDs have sort of become the new Vinyl. (I know, vinyl is still pretty popular)

    I also recommend Wintory’s “Horn” soundtrack.

  • Already bought the digital copy from the PS Store, but I’m still married to my physical media so I am all over this one. This is awesome! Keep merchandising thatgamecompany, I will buy all of your Journey goods.

  • I’ve just never been interested in listening to the OSTs outside of the game itself.. not that a lot of OSTs for games aren’t worthy of my iPod.. but I listen to non-game music on that and game music when I am playing games..

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