You Can't Have This Wonderful, Working Replica Of Fallout's Pipboy

Zachariah Perry Cruise, you are the best brother in the world. Well, at least a very talented creator of neat things who carries much love for your sibling. Cruise, of Zim Props, constructed the above replica (and working) Pipboy as a present for his brother and I must say, it is one of the finest unofficial recreations of in-game hardware I've seen in a while.

Cruise doesn't provide a lot of info about its construction on his blog, other than to mention its final resting place will be the arm of his (sure to be stoked) brother. It doesn't look like Cruise will be producing more for eager buyers, so for those salivating at the thought of having their own Pipboy, you're going to have to build one yourself or orchestrate some elaborate (and darn-well cruel) heist to relieve Cruise's bro of his gift.

More pictures can be found over at Cruise's site, Zim Props.

Fallout 3 Pipboy 3000 finished pictures [Zim Props]

Image and video: Zachariah Perry Cruse


    "It doesn’t look like Cruise will be producing more for eager buyers"

    His decision of course, but If I could make a fortune and retire by churning a few of those things out, I would totally take the opportunity.

      If he ever tried to monetize his design, more than likely Bethesda will come down on him like a ton of rocks.

        Normally I'd be inclined to agree, but a few have been dealt under the table before at the RPF.

        Last edited 27/10/12 2:18 pm

    I use one every day

    Can it play porn? While running and gunning?

    Last edited 28/10/12 12:47 pm

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