You Can't Play Assassin's Creed III Yet, But You Can Listen To The Soundtrack

Assassin's Creed III isn't even in stores yet — you'll have to wait until October 31 for that — but if you so desire, you can listen to the full Original Game Soundtrack. It will jab a hidden blade into your earhole and gently massage your auditory canals. Be prepared.

Be ever-so-slightly warned: there are the smallest, most insignificant of spoilers in the track titles, but nothing I was fretted over — and I consider myself a fully signed up member of the Assassin's Creed fanclub. You should be fine unless you happen to be really, really sensitive about these things.

It's a pretty awesome find. If you're looking for something new to listen to during work, look no further. Oh, and you can listen to the Liberation soundtrack too.

Great find Crazydude!


    Don't have time to listen to it right now, but I'm pretty pumped. Anyone who's listened to it, has Jesper Kyd leaving had much of a negative impact?

      Just to answer my own question, had a quick skim through them. Doesn't have as much character as Jesper Kyd's tracks, but it's still good stuff. I miss the theme from Revelations, I wish they brought that back.

      EDIT: Turns out they did bring back the Revelations theme for a couple of tracks. Yessssss

      Also, why didn't I just edit my first post instead of making another one? Hmm.
      Still getting used to Kotaku having an edit feature.

      Last edited 19/10/12 12:01 pm

      Still good music but yeah you can tell it doesn't have the same vibe as Jesper Kyd. Still when i am in the middle of assassinating British/Americans civil war heroes/villains i will hardly notice since it is still good music :P

      Lorne Balfe kicks as much ass as Jesper Kyd does in my opinion.

      Wow, Dat Main Theme. *puts on sunglasses*

    Wait, Assassin's Creed III is coming out November 22?!!!

    31st of October for consoles Mark, 22nd of November for PC ;)

    Last edited 19/10/12 12:08 pm

      Thanks for clarifying that, Mark ha me a little worried!

        Sorry guys and girls, I didn't know the date off by heart and just didn't double check. Urgh.

          It's cool. On topic, I hate when they release soundtracks early, there's too much spoiler potential in track titles.

    Dunno about there being anything too close to what I would call spoilers in the track titles, but it sounds pretty great so far.

    Pity they're not full version. :( And I agree with some of the previous comments, it doesn't seem to have as much "oomph" as the Revelations/Brotherhood ones did. But I'm sure I'll get used to this eventually.

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