You Don't Need A Spear To Unbox The Evangelion Cake

The spear isn't for stabbing; it's for eating! As previously noted, Japan is getting a ¥4,000 (US$50) Neon Genesis Evangelion moon cake, bundled with the spear of Mark.06 and a Kaworu Nagisa figure.

The cake is mango, and Japanese site Gigazine recently unboxed the desert for the internet's viewing pleasure.

エヴァンゲリオン「Mark.06」の槍&渚カヲル付きの月面ケーキ試食レビュー [Gigazine]

(Top photo: Gigazine)
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    Man! Gotta stop seeing all this Eva goodness! I just want to spend my hard earned cash on it..

    Opening videos for $50 anime cakes. What the hell, internet.

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