You Have One Day To Get Carmageddon Free For The IPhone And IPad

The most gloriously violent racing game ever made is making a Kickstarter-funded comeback. To thank the folks that gave their money so the vehicular genocide could continue, Stainless Games is offering the iOS re-release of the original Carmageddon for free. What are you waiting for?

Reworked with touch screen controls, achievements, and the ability to save replays and share them online, Carmageddon for the iPhone and iPad is sure to bring back fond memories of exploding pedestrians and... well, that's all that really matters.

I've not played the iOS version yet, but reviews look incredibly promising. You should get it right now, so you don't have to complain about spending money in case the reviewers are wrong.


    hm.. costs $1.99 here..

      Unlucky for you. I found it in the App store last night,,,, anyone not looking in the Top 25 free games everyday is a fool!!

    Worth pointing out that this is only free on the US iTunes store. $1.99 here in AU. Just in case anyone else got their hopes up like me...

    It's much better than I expected! Touch screen controls are a little fiddly, and I can't seem to find the reset button for those times when I flip over. But still. Carmageddon! Nostalgia demands I enjoy it.

      Tap the top bar (with time lap etc.) to pause the game and open up some options, including recover car and abort etc. You can even move the controls around to suit your needs, which is helpful if you don't have the tiny fingers that all mobile game developers seem to possess.

    I went to buy it and it says $1.99

      Same here. Oh well, I still can't argue with $2 for such great nostalgia!

      It was free yesterday. US has it free now.

    Remember like 15 years ago this was banned? And now anyone in the world can play it on their phone...won't someone please think of the children!?

    Dunno if its just Aus or not but yeah $1.99 here as well. Dunno if I want to buy it considering I'll have my iPhone for another couple of weeks at most (hopefully!)

    Bought it, had to. The blood had better be red ;)

    I was playing it this morning and was a little... disturbed.

    Man, I played this when I was tiny...

      Haha me too! And I use to play it religiously... Those were the days..

    I think this sums it up nicely...

    Really didnt like it. I LOVED the original on pc. Probably the only single player game i spent more time on than any given god title :P

    The story of my childhood, one of my absolute favourite game (including spat pack DLC), what fun I had. It sucks I don't own an idevice...

    Just letting you guys know, it was free in Australia yesterday. It was meant to be free for the 17th and it looks like it was based on each region.

    I got it yesterday on my Australian account for free at about lunch time.

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