You Literally Need A Beer To Play This Game

There are plenty of games that are better after a few drinks, but I can't think of any other that literally require you to have one in your hand while playing in order for the thing to work.

Corona Beach Volleyball does. The advergame from the beer label will only launch if it detects a Corona bottle sitting on the table, after which it'll generate a little beach volleyball court and some palm trees.

It's cute, but also a little annoying; I didn't have any Corona in the fridge to try it out with, and I'm not going to rush out and buy some just to play some cheap iPhone game.

If you do, though, have at it.

Corona Beach Volleyball [App Store]


    Is there something like this, but with a good beer?

      It's awesome with lime.

        Its awesome when it doesnt taste like the product they offer.

        I am sorry, but any beer that tastes like fecies unless you put lemon/lime or orange in it is wrong.

        It is like mixing scotch with ANYTHING, if you need to do it you are either doing something wrong or you need to stop being cheap.

      Does it matter? I mean really, if you want a good beer wouldn't you rather drink it and NOT play a game that requires it to be sitting on the table (not in your hand).

    It would also mean drinking Corona....which is just not on.

    What the hell is wrong with carona? Not sure of implication. Only thing I'd really rather drink is asahi or Sapporo. guess being a wine person I'm just missing some hipster beer socially acceptable thing?

    Corona is like having sex on a boat.

    F*$king close to water.

    Corona saw a popularity spike because it featured in 'that film'. Good to see more and more people moving away from it.

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