You Should Go Get The Indie Royale Fall Bundle If You Still Haven't Gotten To The Moon Yet

The Indie Royale Bundle, er, bundlers are still at it. The new Fall Bundle, announced today, is completely worth it if for no other reason than to get To The Moon, a poignant, powerful game.

The bundle also includes strategy titles Oil Rush and Reprisal, adventure game The Blackwell Deception, and musical puzzler AVSEQ. Buyers who pay $US8 or more also receive an "8-bit inspired" electronica album.

Since everyone ever should play To The Moon, this bundle's a great way to get it plus a bunch of other interesting indie games. But seriously: To The Moon. Just do it.

The Fall Bundle [Indie Royale]


    Great wanted to pick this game up, good bundle as well, shame it dosnt include the album :(

    To the moon was special. And a touch sad. Great game!

    Well just bouht my bundle.. there's a couple of OSTs included without the $8.. for Reprisal and Oil Rush.

    Oil Rush is one I wanted to get but then read all the bad reviews about it.. still seems interesting.. so I am glad I could get it so cheap. As for the others, "To The Moon" shines out to me the most

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