You Will Not Believe What This Ripley Is Made Of

Take a look at these images of Ellen Ripley, star of the Alien series. Take a good look. Squint if you have to. Now let me tell you that these are not photographs of Sigourney Weaver, taken while filming the movie.

Nor is this a 3D image, made using data captured from the film.

No, this is a sculpture. The entire thing is made from silicon.

Mind blown.

It's the work of artist Steve Scotts, and you can see more images at the link below.

Steve Scotts [Official Site, via ALBOTAS]


    This must be weird for Sigourney Weaver.... just a little weird....

    I Thought this artical was goind to be about "Ripleys Believe it Or Not" not "Aliens"

    this is right in the uncanny-valley for me. It really freaks me out, not in a good way.

    ... When you said I wouldn't believe what it was made of, my mind went straight to baby bacon

    Someone make me a Ripley made of bacon

      tofu and bacon... not sure...

        Bacon took my parents ... I was going to use it as an effigy

    The article has it wrong. It's made from silicone and not silicon.

    For me the eyebrows are a dead giveaway.

    Who makes these? I would like to contract them to make me a Mila Jovovich for ... personal reasons.

    Mind = \ Blown /

    That was kind of creepy, especially the greyscale one. I picked it for a model though, the skin is too shiny and has that sort of rubbery fake look to it that silicone gives. The low light pictures made it harder to tell though.

    I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

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