You Won't Believe How Nice Notch's Office Is

Well, maybe you will. Mojang, the folks behind Minecraft, is a success story. Great news for them! That not only means Mojang honcho Notch (aka Markus Persson) can afford nicer hats, it also means the studio can afford nicer digs. And boy, look a these digs.

The studio recently moved to a bigger pad, MCV reports. And now is up for the best looking office in Sweden as it's been nominated for the "Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor 2012". Congrats on that! Always nice to see people do well.

Here, have a look at Mojang's leather-wrapped and wood-covered workplace.

Mojang [Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor via MCV]


    The roof makes it look like a TV/movie set. Other than that, pretty swanky.

    Notch (or whatever interior decorator he paid) has pretty good taste.

    Wow, that's impressive. But it kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Sure, it's nice to have a nice office if you can afford it, so you're more comfortable in your workplace, but this smacks a little of excess.

    Plus, where are all the video-game related posters and toys?

      Kind of a "look what I've done with all your mobey" thing?

        I don't like Notch at all, but to be fair, it is *his* money.

        Yeah, look what he did with all of your €19.95. How dare he enjoy his success and reward those who work for him on a daily basis.

    Its not to my taste, but to those of you who are complaining about excess: its his money, and he chose to spend it on his offices, where his employees can enjoy it too. Seems pretty cool to me.



        I don't get the Notch hate at all. He made money by making something people love, like Walt Disney.

          I'd say it comes from the fact that he can be a bit of a douche at times.

          I hate how people rave about him being an amazing game developer - he made a sandbox.
          I also hate how people listen to his opinions on programming and take it for fact, even though he takes about 3 months to write a line of code.

          While I have no issue with people earning money from things they make, I do feel somewhat ripped of by Notch. While I spent plenty of time digging holes and exploring caves, it never really became more of a game, which I was led to believe it would by Notch. Instead it made butt tonne of money and then just calls it done. >.<

          *shrug* I'll probably keep digging up Minecraft to play from time to time, and I'll just have to be happy with Terraria to fill the 'game' factor! :)
          The Terraria Dev's are almost done with their next game! gonna be sick! :D

          TL DR;
          Notch = Asshat
          Minecraft = Sandbox, with no real 'game' content.
          Terraria = Awesome Game
          Starbound gonna be sick!

    As nice as it is, it seems like it belongs to someone in the NRA. Or someone that does a lot of hunting.

      Someone who does a lot of hunting would probably have more than one set of antlers on their wall.

    Considering Minecraft is the only noteworthy thing Mojang has released, I wonder when the money's going to run out.

    Feels like there should be a guy at the door greeting everyone with "Welcome to Club Mojang!"

    Pretty cool-lookin place.

    Where's the humidor?

    I was expecting things to be a little more... square

    I wonder if that's actually their corporate dress code, or if they just dressed themselves up for the photo shoot. I can't remember ever seeing a game development studio where people wear ties!

    Why do I get the feeling that Notch is running a mafia family on the side :L

    My only thought is, why would you dramatically change the environment you've enjoyed so much success in, esp when it is loaded with a pile of extra distractions?

    I'm not sold on it. Any place of business that still relies on a wooden globe is clearly behind the times. Haven't they heard of Google Maps? Maybe that's why Minecraft looks so bad.

      Nice try stu, nice try....

    Now THAT'S like a boss.
    Judging by the difference in the painted, low walls and the roof, I guess this nice interior was built in some nondescript warehouse so people won't hassle them. Good idea.

    Dudes got style that's for sure

    Reminds me of pics of the Ion Storm offices. Remember how they spent all their money on their amazing digs and not on actually producing decent games?

      Read Masters Of Doom if you can. There's a part in it that explains Ion Storms office design choices, and the many problems it caused...

        Hell, even if you're not interested in Ion Storm's office design, everyone should read Masters of Doom. A fantastic read, IMHO.

    To be fair, other than a few splashes of leather here and there.. the rest of it looks like it came direct from the IKEA catalogue.. Kudos to the interior decorator for pulling off this much style with so little.

    Notch sucks but has good taste in office. And he ruined MC. Went downhill, starting with 1.8.

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