Your Favourite Video Game Is Probably Part Of This Guy's Amazing Tattoo

This is Charles Wheeler's right arm. In case you can't tell, he loves video games. A couple of years ago, he decided to get a major tattoo. "I had wanted to do a sleeve but could not figure out an idea," he told Kotaku. "Then I said, 'Why not a gaming sleeve?'".

The 30-year-old native of the Florida Keys has loved video games since he played Alex Kidd and Psycho Fox on the Sega Master System.

It took two years for an artist friend of his at Key Largo Illustrations to do the sleeve. Charles is very happy with the results. After we ran a big post about great gaming tattoos, he couldn't resist sending pictures of his. Who can blame him? We had some good entries, but Charles' might be the best.

Look at all the games he's got on his arm!

Link! Q-Bert! Mega Man!

That's Old Snake, right? Sackboy... a Space Invader... Latiku...

...the Fallout guy, the Mass Effect Shepard insignia...

Gears of War... Duck Hunt...

Throw a fireball!

Remember Reach.

Or... um... ok. Earthworm Jim is a little weird there.

Take a bow, Charles. And let us know when you're going to do your left arm.


    i see your gaming tattoos...and raise your an entire grim frandange sleeve

    .....nope, i can't see Custer's Revenge on that arm.

    I believe that "Fallout guy" is actually that Bioshock guy. The Telekinesis Plasmid.

      I see the plasmid too, but I think he was referring to the vault boy on the left

      No, that's definitely the "Fallout guy", unless bioshock stole the exact same design pattern in his outfit...

      No, the Fallout guy is there - you have to open up the image to see him, he's right on the left.

      It's Vault Boy not "Fallout guy". Jeez. For a gaming site, y'all really need to know your shiz

    Isn't 'throw a fireball' FF7?

    It looks really slapped together and not cohesive. And the designs look ... meh, the Master Chief's helmet looks warped and uneven and why has it got 'remember reach' on its visor? It all looks underwhelming. But I love the colours! A gaming sleeve should be bright and vibrant and it achieves that nicely.

      Haters gonna hate

    I'm sorry but that looks like a disgusting mess. I'm tattoed with a dragon (how original I know!), a piranha plant and my latest armour piece (still a work in progress) but this just looks like someone puked colours onto his arm. Too much is going on that it distracts the eye, and doesn't blend well at all.

    The colours look faded with a very dull yellow being prominent and you can't even make out some of the stuff. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love seeing other people's tattoo's and the way they express themselves, but to me this just doesn't mesh well, and could have been done better.

    All the more power to him though!

    No Tenchu, Prince of Persia or Breath of Fire. So, I strike out on having my favourite games on there.

    Didn't see Tie Fighter or Mechwarrior on there anywhere...hmmm...

    Just to be another one of those guys, I didn't see any Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon or NiGHTS.

    Imagine him when he is 60 years old with that tats.... O.o

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