Your First Hilarious Look At Footage From The New Star Trek Movie

Director J J Abrams was on Conan tonight, and was dying to show off footage from the new Star Trek sequel. You know, the one that's not even done yet.

Surprisingly, Paramount Pictures let him! What follows is equal parts hilarious and disappointing.

Star Trek [Conan]


    Luke ya ruined the joke with the picture up top mate...

      Did he? seems like Abrams told the punchline before the story of the joke...

    Does anyone do this on FreeView EPG;
    "Awesome, Conans on"
    "Oh it's the actual person named Conan, not an Austrian pretending to be an Sumerian - named Conan. Damn."

    Last edited 05/10/12 9:54 pm

      At least twice a week.

      All the time!

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