This New ZombiU Dev Diary Features Historical Figures And English Bobbies [UPDATE]

ZombiU is arguably the most interesting launch title on the Wii U. Outside of New Super Mario Bros. U, it's the game I'm most looking forward to. This new developer diary focuses on the story and the universe Ubisoft is trying to build around the game.

It seems relatively interesting, although it does seem to devolve into some disappointing British stereotyping, with some Dick van Dyke-esque 'cockney' accents. Still, I love the concepts, and the look of the game. Integrating the whole mythology around John Dee into the game gives the story some extra weight and legitimacy. Looks good so far.

UPDATE: Looks like I was completely wrong about the accents — despite the fact I'm totally from the UK and should know better — which is the reason for the headline change! Turns out the accent that sounded 'Mockney' to me was actually supposed to be a Yorkshire accent, which is completely different. To be perfectly honest, it was simply a snap judgement and a poor attempt at humour. Apologies to all involved for my misunderstanding.


    It's a shame I don't want to spend $400 for this game because it looks awesome.

    Ah, Zombie U, that's how to show us what the Wii U gamepad can do.

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