10 Reasons Why Gaming Is Actually Good For You

Sitting on the couch all day doing nothing but twiddling your thumbs. Planted at a desk, erratically moving a mouse and whacking on a keyboard. Neither activity screams "MARATHON RUNNER" or "CLOSET GENIUS", but that doesn't mean these seemingly stagnant scenarios aren't doing you some good.

At least, that's what the above video — presented in an extraordinary palatable 8-bit format — attempts to prove with beeps, boops and stats.

Going by the clip, gamers enjoy improved dexterity, intelligence and multi-tasking abilities and gaming itself has found applications in physiotherapy and other forms of assisted recovery. I saw "improved eyesight" in there too and that might be true for some, but the glasses stapled to my face suggest otherwise.

While I can't vouch for the accuracy of the numbers presented in the clip, the sources are cited by publication in the bottom right and left corners — mostly from the US. That doesn't mean they're not applicable here, unless they're putting something in the water over there.

Or should that be Mountain Dew?



    I believe that by improved eye sight they mean improved contrast resolution. i.e. being able to pick out an enemy soldier in camo from a garbage bag in CoD.

      It can also likely train you to offset an astigmatism. I have an issue where without my glasses not only does my eyesight suck (it does) but it also takes longer for one of my eyes to actually focus, making it hard for me to focus on moving objects.

      No lie, I've started playing a few games of Jetpack Joyride each night without my glasses on, and I've noticed an improvement.

        the eyesight thing is a little misleading, there's a trade off. If you spend a lot of time focusing on close objects- like a computer screen - your ability to do that gets better, but your ability to focus on distant objects gets worse.

    Yeah i want to show this to people and say, you see, gaming is good and not a waste of time but even i cant believe the facts. The eye sight prob the biggest yeah i dont think so, as my eyesight gotten worse with gaming, hence why having to wear glasses. Also others with dexterity, and education and iq, certainly not smarter. Although with therapy, i agree its good as have seen at local nursing home, they got a nintendo wii setup and helped alot of people there get moving again and even helped stroke victims get moving again. Relationships, well thats yes and no. I've lost a relationship due to gaming and helped new relationship with playing together. So i guess it depends on the person that gaming is healthy.

      Your eyesight has gotten worse thanks to aging, not gaming, fyi

        nope, at my age its the gaming, but thanks for the fyi.

          No you're obviously having trouble seeing what you're writing, it's obviously aging.

          Research shows gaming causes eye strain but it hasn't actually been proven to cause eye decay. In fact, the opposite in many cases.

          http://news.cnet.com/8301-10797_3-10206764-235.html 2009 article but everything at work is blocked \o/

          I've needed glasses since I was 7. I got my first ever video game console later that year, and did not start playing video games regularly (as in more than a few hours week) until I was around 13, at which point my eyesight had gotten significantly worse.

          If anything, it was all the reading I did.

      my eye sight has gotten worse over time to but i blame that on my mum having to where glasses since she as 12

      I dont know about the facts, but I know from personal experience that gaming doesnt make eyesight worse. My eyesight is terrible and is getting even worse over time. I play games, but so do my 3 brothers and they all have perfect eyesight =[

    I remember listening on radio to an Australian surgeon and academic who said this generation of surgeons is superior to previous generations and that the research indicates the difference is due to video gaming. The hand-eye coordination and fine motor movement required to play games well is ideal preparation for surgery. Its probably most obvious for people who played games while their nervous system and neurophysiology were still developing i.e. as kids. Of course, you need to be a bloody smart gamer too, just to get into medicine and then a surgical training place. I don't think games will help that ;)

    So many variables to blame gaming solely as the cause of your degrading vision.

    Genetic disposition, reading books in low light conditions, as it has been said aging, sickness and the list goes on.

    So it is uninformed and/or irresponsible to say that games are the devil man that stole your vision.

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