4294 People Already Playing Halo 4

We're up to 4294 people playing Halo 4 online right now — at least. We can't co-op, but we do have the breakdowns for competitive multiplayer and the story-based Spartan Ops. Yesterday, there were 480 people playing the game online. This is a nine-fold increase.

Halo 4 will be officially released on November 6. This is how it goes for pretty much every popular video game. If you're playing Halo 4 on release day on the Xbox 360, you'll be meeting some players online who've got a few days on you.


    Thanks for rubbing it in just a little bit more.

    Quick call the police!

      Ermygerd! Screw the rest of you pre-release players! The Halo secret police will hunt you into banhammerdom!

    That's pretty much how many people that are playing online in Halo 3

      this might actually be the reason why 4000 people are playing it...

    It;s fine. you are allowed to play Halo 4 now. frankie said so. 2 Days!!!

    The casual trash modes still the most played :/
    I hope that changes when real gamers start playing it.

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