5 Year Old Girl One-Ups Making Her Own Game By Giving Her Own TED Talk

5 Year Old Girl One-Ups Making Her Own Game By Giving Her Own TED Talk

Remember Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure, the absurdly adorable game made by a five year old girl? Now she’s doing things like TED talks, which unsurprisingly touch on her experience making Ponycorn. Her dad also chimes in, reminding us of the importance of enabling children to become creators, not consumers. 

Crazy to think the girl is so young and already so accomplished! Hopefully she keeps on making games.


  • I just played the game and read about it and to be fair, I think the most she did was draw pictures with crayons and record some dialogue – But still it was great to see and had a nice backstory to go with it.
    This video was very inspiring and he made some very good points on the matter. The new generation of kids are more advanced with using technology, but still behind at the same time.

    • According to the Ponycorn site:
      “Cassie drew all the pictures, wrote all the titles, and recorded the voice of the main character. She also came up with the NPCs (including Mr. Turtle, the Mean Tiger, and the villainous Lemon), and designed some of the puzzles.”

      You completely missed the point though, it’s not about how much Cassie contributed, it’s about the fact that she wanted to be involved in a creative game project. It’s the same sort of thing as Axe Cop. Malachai (a 5 year old boy) provides the stories and characters, while Ethan (his 29 year old brother) provides the art and coherence factor.

      These are children acting as producers, with an older and more experienced hand to guide them just to make sure that the end result makes enough sense and to do some of the heavier and more involved work.

      • Don’t get me wrong I completely agree, initially I was just expecting that she actually made the game though. I think it’s great to see kids as young as her being such a big part of the creative process.

        • Dude, she’s 5. She participated as best she could at the time. She constructed characters, gave a story idea, did voice work. For a KID thats fantastic. Jesus, what did you want her to do? The programming? Be realistic.

          • Settle down there. Did you even read the comment? I didn’t expect her to be programming, but when I first read the article that’s what it sounded like. It was a light hearted comment followed by me saying how great I think it is. No need to get all defensive.

          • The article and title claim a five year old MADE the game – It does not say CONTRIBUTED or guided or produced or helped – it says made. Which is false. Further unless she oversaw the actual game design elements, managed the workers, controlled the budget and liased with investors – she also did not produce it. Love F aged -6

      • Yeaaaa, but to be fair; if you say to any kid “hey if you draw us some characters and tell us a story, we’ll make a video game out of it,” I reckon you’re gona get the same result.

        Good marketing. Bet they made a bunch of cash.

  • So cute!
    Also I am the next gen. (Sorta) I mean, everyone in my class has no clue how to diagnose what is wrong with their laptops. Or make an animation in Python. Just kidding I am terrible at coding, I really want to learn but.

  • Blech, this all leaves a bad taste in my mind-mouth.
    From the misleading “made” in the title (agreed with argument above), to the overly cuteness of something “made” by a 5 y.o. girl, in line with the “princessy” brainwashing of girls in today’s marketing… trust me, the girl is a “consumer” alright.
    Ugh, too early in the day to make more sense than that.

  • What a bunch of crap. Regardless of how creative she may be – “game production” and TED talks reek of parental engineering and influence. What am I supposed to learn from this ? Marvel at her brilliance ? Any parent knows that all other parents want to do is publish to the world how bloody brilliant their kid is. ‘Your kid plays games? Well my little girl made one and hit the talk circuit telling everyone about her intellectual journey…’. Grrrr…

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