727 People Are Playing Black Ops II Online On Wii U Now

659 people are playing standard multiplayer and 68 people are playing Zombies mode on Wii U. More than last week.

For comparison, there are 511,529 people playing standard multiplayer and 124,321 people playing Zombies mode in Black Ops II on Xbox 360.

Of course, it's not fair to directly compare a console that launched last week with a console that's been around for six years. So let's do some maths.

Microsoft has sold 70 million Xbox 360s worldwide to date. If you take that 635,850 number (total multiplayer + zombies) and divide it by 70 million, you get a ratio of 0.009, which means that 9 out of every 1,000 people with Xbox 360s are playing Black Ops II as I write this.

Nintendo has sold 400,000 Wii U consoles in North America to date. (It hasn't been released anywhere else.) If you take 727 and divide it by 400,000, you get a ratio of 0.0018, which means that a little under 2 out of every 1000 (or 9 out of every 5000) people with Wii U consoles are playing Black Ops II as I write this.

As for Madden, well... Madden doesn't even have enough online players to complete a football team.

We'll continue to check this out regularly at different days and times just to get an idea of how many people are playing at any given moment.


    "We’ll continue to check this out regularly at different days and times just to get an idea of how many people are playing at any given moment."

    Why though? I don't understand the focus of this and the previous article.. surely this isn't news in and of itself...

      Biggest selling game of the year, figures on how many people are playing each platform as an indicator of penetration at a point in time. Seems like journalism to me.

      coz its interesting to see how this new console is being used.
      I mean, the Wii was not exactly a machine marketed toward the CoD crowd.
      The Wii U however, is being pushed as powerful enough to do the 'core' gaming thing, while still being family friendly & social.

      These stats just imply that the 'core' market hasnt adopted it as quickly as the 'family friendly' crowd. not saying that they wont, but just not at the time of writing....

      & this article also serves as a bit of a warning - if you're gonna get a Wii U for CoD, now is probably not the best time to do it. Might wanna consider an alternative platform, until the numbers pick up.

        Definitely good points to consider, the only thought I had was that if everyone waits for Wii U COD numbers to pick up before starting, those numbers will never increase...

          I think Black Ops 2 is a bad example to use to track how many people are playing.
          CoD fans tend to be in the day-one purchase group, so BLOPS2 will probably not shift as many units in the Wii U as on other platforms, because most people who are interested in it, have it already.
          ...the next CoD, however, I'm sure we'll be seeing much higher numbers.

    Could be that they're playing the better games?

      Ha! It would be hilarious if somehow it was proven that WiiU owners have better taste in games.

    Here's a thought - It's 2012. Every game should have these up to the minute player counts so that you're not sitting in matchmaking waiting for a match that's never going to come.

    The CODs, Gears and Halos do, and Battlefield 3 has the server browser (the only other game on console I've seen with a server browser = TF2), but with so many of the smaller games it's a crap shoot if anybody is even online.

    As a gamer in this generation, there is nothing worse than wanting to play some MP only to find no-one is online, I wouldn't mind some pressure put on the M$ and Sony to put player counts as standard in their next consoles

    There is a simple explanation as to why there are more people on XLIVE than Wii U.

    It's because XLIVE is mainly inhabited by lowlife inbreds who don't have jobs and live off welfare, so can stay home at play games all day.

    360 players are the lowest form of scumbag in gaming.

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