A Statue Of Diablo Itself? That'll Cost Ya.

First shown off in unpainted form earlier this year, Sideshow's enormously fancy Diablo statue, from Diablo III, is finally going on sale this Thursday.

The poor thing's in a weird place. I always feel bad for the artists and designers who come up with great-looking characters - which in turn make for great collectibles - only to see the fanbases for their games die away like they have for Diablo III.

Priced at $US350, there's more info at the link below.



    looks pretty awesome. I think one based off the Diablo II-style Diablo would've been better though, wasn't a huge fan of the feminine version.
    Would love to see a Tyrael statue even more though.

    If I can get it unpainted then count me in. Can do a better job myself.

      If you actually had the skill in painting to do a better job than that, you'd know that it makes no difference if it's painted or unpainted. You always undercoat regardless.

        undercoating adds thickness, which means you loose detail. The paint job doesn't look that impressive, more like something done by a machine as opposed to a human. Also stripping paint of models can be problematic, especially when they are sealed as this one probably is.

        There are also different qualities of undercoat. And makes a hell of a difference if it is painted or not as often a really good undercoat is not even close to as thick as the paint is.

    I want the D2 version not the lame D3 version.
    Also the paint job is very terrible and not worth the price in my opinion. Take into account these shots are done with lighting and angles to make it look better than at your house yet it still looks MEH!

    I know I am the only one on this Earth but I love this version more than the classic Diablo! It looks so slick!

    I don't recall Diablo having such a feminine waist or thighs....

    So will the first expansion be called Lady of Destruction?

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