A Very Serious, Very Excellent Assassin's Creed III Music Video


    She's now selling out shows across the US, I'd like to see her sell out a show in Las Vegas just so she could go up to Sharon Osborne and say "suck it bitch"

    Sharon said to Lindsey on America's Got Talent that she needs to be in a group otherwise she'll never sell out shows in Las Vegas. Shows what she knew

    Lindsey Stirling is awesome, and this video was great!

    If you haven't felt* 'Shadows', 'Electric Daisy Violin' and 'Spontaneous Me', you're missing out. Lindsey is amazing.

    *Yes, felt. You read that right.

    Ever since watching this thing I can't take her videos seriously anymore: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J3bEiKnnLY

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