A Young Mother Battles, Adorably, Against Video Game Addiction

GLUED is a short film released earlier this year by a team of students at Bezalel Academy of the Arts. It's all about the problems a mother faces trying to deal with her young son, who is so addicted to video games it's insane.

The film, which took 10 months to create, was the first thing the four stduents had ever done in CG. Which is pretty damn impressive.

You can see how the short was made at its site, below.

GLUED [Official Site, via Laughing Squid]


    Hilarious. The last shot of the kid with the ball, though... that's kind of scary. Just a little bit.

    Actually thought i was watching one of those short films by pixar. Very impressive indeed with quality and animation.

    Wasn't this posted AGES ago?

    Yeah, I remember seeing it. I still fail to see what was so bad about the kid playing video games lol.

    Kotaku just 3-Month Ruled us!

    Lol! I kept expecting the kid to get snatched from the front yard.

    Yeah games 24/7 is bad, but at least you know exactly where your kids are. That kid was almost a baby! You can't leave them out the front unattended!

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