Adventure Time's Creator Has A Word About Video Games

Adorable. This is a clip by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time creator, drumming up support for the wonderful-sounding LA Game Space.

And if that's not enough to get you interested? The venture has also convinced Katamari creator Keita Takahashi to release his next game to backers of its Kickstarter for only $US5.

If people like this are so behind it, you know, it's probably worth getting behind.

Make LA Game Space possible and get 30 games for $US15! [LA Game Space]


    I must be getting old, because that was lame.

    eh. (least I still get that indifference thing working for me!!)

      You're not alone. Katamari game sounded interesting but that video was seriously annoying.

        Bunch of oldfarts, the lot of yer. That video was rad.

    This video makes me think of Vincent Van Gogh and his Artist's Utopia idea, especially the part about it being the place for video games to flourish like flowers. (ie. The sunflower paintings Van Gogh did in anticipation of Gauguin's visit)

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