After Watching The Japanese Launch Trailer For Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney, I Really Hope It Comes Here

Not that I didn't want it here before. But come on. Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright teaming up to solve puzzles and investigate murder mysteries? I WANT IN.

Layton vs. Ace Attorney is out in Japan tomorrow. Still no word on U.S. release.


    AH!! They got the film actors of Phoenix Wright/Naruhodo Ryuichi and Maya Fey/Ayasato Mayoi to do the voices! I Hope if they do a english release they put in an option for hearing the japanese voices over the english.

    Not sure why it took all these months to occur to me that it's called PL vs PW but they seem to be very much working together.

    OBJECTION! It's Layton vs. Ace Attorney

    My two favourite DS games in a crossover? I'd buy a 3DS for this!

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