Alternative Halo 4 Launch Trailer Captures What's Great About The Campaign

Most people probably play Halo titles for the multiplayer. I don't blame them. But the singleplayer campaign in Halo 4 is too excellent to ignore.

The legitimate launch trailer — which focuses on the storyline — is pretty good on its own. It's simple, it alludes to the main threat and theme of the game.

But I like this alternative one by Luke Ritson better. This isn't his first time he's taken a pretty good launch trailer and made it even better. This latest one feels like a trailer for a powerfully emotional film, which speaks volumes to both the quality of Halo 4's campaign and this editor's launch trailer tweaking skills.

Halo 4: Alternative Launch Trailer [YouTube]


    Makes me miss Marty O'Donnell... :'(

      Totally agree. I love Halo 4, think its the best game yet but the music just was not Halo.

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