An iPhone Replica Made Out Of Steel

OK, it's not a working iPhone 5. But still, it's the same size as an iPhone 5, and, it's handcrafted out of a piece of steel.

Recently, a do-it-yourself type took a 140mm long, 60mm wide, and 6mm thick steel plate, and he turned it into an iPhone 5 replica. The gentleman documented the entire process on a Chinese social networking site (via MIC).

To achieve the grey back, the guy used chemical water instead of a dye. Dyes fade, but chemicals are forever.

After polishing it, he drew an Apple logo in pencil and put paper touch screen on the front. And voilà, a very heavy iPhone 5 replica to impress friends and family.

This Is How You Make Yourself an iPhone 5 By Using a Piece of Steel [MIC]


    Uh, fair enough I guess. I always am impressed to see people put their fabricating skills to use and turn out something amazing, but this guy just wasted materials in my opinion.

    Also I am sure this article is more suited to Life Hacker than Kotaku, but that's personal opinion.

    Also no info on how much it weighs? Is it lighter than a Nokia Lumia 920, that's the question!

    Why would ANYBODY think this is a good idea?

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