Another Report Says The Next Xbox Is Launching In November 2013

Another Report Says The Next Xbox Is Launching In November 2013

According to business news site Bloomberg, Microsoft’s next Xbox console will be released in time for the 2013 holiday season. That’s “according to people familiar with the company’s plans.”

Those same “people” (so, not machines!) say it’ll be out in time for Thanksgiving sales. They also say Microsoft is still debating internally whether to use their E3 press conference next year to reveal the machine, or hold ” a separate event devoted solely to the machine”.

This of course is, well nothing new. Many sources, Kotaku included, have been saying the same thing for a while now. But given the outlet in question this does at least add more fuel to the speculative fires that, yes, this time next year we’ll have at least one more new console to play with.

Microsoft Said to Plan Next Xbox Console for 2013 Holiday Season [Bloomberg]


  • Am just waiting till we see some games running on the hardware. Previously the visual jump up from console to console has been typically huge, Ps1 to Ps2 to Ps3 etc, so shall be interesting just how much improvement there actually is.

      • I’m holding back to see the games… Not graphically, but… like with the 360 and ps3 I waited and only bought into this gen with uncharted, killzone and most importantly… As soon as i saw ratchet and clank… But after the last few bad ratchet games, that wont happen again… I will wait to see the games… especially the exclusives.

        • I just mean that i will never buy a gaming console purely for games that i can play on pc, i will buy one for the innovative and original IP or good sequels.

  • Looks like Microsoft will once again kick off the next generation of video game consoles. Can’t imagine Sony releasing PS4 within the next year.

    • They could very well release it. I think they (this is guessing) want to make sure Sony as a whole company is back into shape before they kick off the next machine. I do think they really want to get it right from both a quality and consumer standpoint and are waiting to see if Nintendo and Microsofts gimmicks actually pan out.
      Last thing you want it cross platform games not come out on your machine because yours is the only one without a tablet controller etc etc.

      • Well, they could always bundle the PS4 with a Vita or two in that case. I’m sure they’ll have a few left over.

        Disclaimer – I love my Vita!

      • Though smart game design has nothing to do with Hardware itself. At this time in any consoles cycle, It’s intersting to see what particular Hardware can do – if you look at things only with pessimism, you’ll miss the point. PC suffers from Hardware cycle too.

      • I think the graphics still hold up pretty well, I used my 360 for the first time in over a year recently to play through Forza horizon and it looked good, and I usually play games on a $2000 pc.And don’t forget it’s the on the same level as the WiiU that was released literally yesterday.

        • Yeah, also the fact that when we play an console its from an fair distance from the screen. Unlike on PC where most of the time we sit at point blank range so the pixel density really needs to be high as possible otherwise it looks like shit! Say, on console, an game most of the time runs at 720p max, but from an distance the pixels ‘merge’ an the image becomes perfectly clear to our eyes/brain – even though if you go right up close to the screen, we can easily see that the resolution is very much lower than on an good PC.

          On that note on older tech, I always remember the Donkey Kong Country scenario, on the Super NES. It’s an pitty that alot more people don’t get to experience the ‘blown away by old technology’ scenario. Then maybe all the petty PC Vs Console bullshit would stop ;P

    • Well the 360 Launched at $650 here in Oz. Was actually the cheapest price for an launch console in history. Xbox360 actually set the modern price standard for consoles. Though I will never understand people whinging about price for an console you buy once every 5+ years, when the same people pay $1000 a year for an incremenaly updated iPhone…

      • cheapest price for an launch console in history
        Um Nintendo 64 $400,Wii $399.95,Gamecube $399,Dreamcast $499 Etc.

        • Whoops – yeah I’ll have to check those ones up. Though I was refering to the 32-bit era (even though I didn’t say – can’t you read my mind, geeez ๐Ÿ˜› ) where Sega Saturn was about $699 to $799 and the PlayStation was $799!

          • Yeah the 32-bits minus the N64 were very pricey, the 8-16 bits were cheapish but the Saturn/Ps1 and 2 were $600 and up but hit $400 after a few months of release.In fact a friend of mine paid $1300 for an import PS1 and that was close to 20 years ago when it was a small fortune.

          • Yeah, one of my mates paid $1000 for the PlayStation + all the release games at $100 each! Makes for an good story to this day, in the ‘I can’t believe that’s how much I paid – but it was worth it’ ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Yeah, remember the PlayStation price drop ads? The most epic price drops in console history – $100 bucks at an time. How I miss the original Sony Computer Entertainment…

  • Great so Xmas 2013, Xbox 360 should drop to $99, get a second one for the other TV (and more hard-drive space) wait till 2014 to see if new machine is good. (Look at the games that came out in the 360’s first year – most of them were hideous, there might be a few good ones though given that I don’t think Graphics have much room left to “leap” it may be that everything just runs smoother so it might not be so bad)

  • This “holiday season” business irks me.

    Just call it Christmas 2013 already. This politically-correct BS is just dreary.

    (And no, I’m not a Christian.)

  • I love that this generation has lasted so long to be honest. Love it.

    Hoping it means cheaper new consoles and games for next gen. Fingers crossed.

    To be honest, if next gen is powerful enough to give me this gens graphics with better textures, full AA/60fps @ 720p, I’d be more than happy.

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