Apple's 'Black Friday' Deals Aren't Great, But Just In Case...

Apple stuff is rarely discounted it seems, I'm guessing because everyone tends to constantly buy Apple products no matter what the cost. But it's Black Friday in the US and if Apple don't do at least some discounting they're gonna have a bad time.

Below are some of the deals available, lovingly put together by Angus Kidman over at Lifehacker.

iPad deals

Item Sale price Regular price Saving % Saving
iPad 16GB Wi-Fi $498 $539 $41 7.6%
iPad 32GB Wi-Fi $598 $649 $51 7.9%
iPad 64GB Wi-Fi $694 $759 $65 8.6%
iPad 4G 16GB $638 $679 $41 6.0%
iPad 4G 32GB $738 $789 $51 6.5%
iPad 4G 64GB $834 $899 $65 7.2%
iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi $398 $429 $31 7.2%
iPad 2 16GB 3G $538 $569 $31 5.4%

iPod deals

Item Sale price Regular price Saving % Saving
iPod Touch 32GB $298 $329 $31 9.4%
iPod Touch 64GB $398 $439 $41 9.3%
iPod Touch 4th Gen 16GB $194 $219 $25 11.4%
iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB $254 $279 $25 9.0%
iPod Nano 16GB $158 $169 $11 6.5%


    I assume what's lsited as the "iPad" above, based on the pricing, is the iPad 3 that was supposed to be 4G but not compatible with our 4G network, and the iPad 4G is the new iPad 4 that is?

      Actually I don't think so. The only place you can get the iPad 3 is on the refurbished site at the moment, where it lists as "iPad (3rd Generation)" - the only thing available from the normal store is the "iPad with Retina Display" Lightning model.

      Last edited 23/11/12 11:26 am

        Huh. Then I can't imagine why I'd pay $498 for a 16GB iPad1 when I could get a 16GB iPad2 for $100 less, unless that's the retina model you're referring to.

        I have an iPad3 and haven't really paid attention to anything newer. I wasn't even sure if the iPad4 was even out.

          Huh? An iPad 1st Gen.. what are you on about?? The iPad listed above for $498 is the iPad 4th Gen, which has replaced the iPad 3rd Gen as "the new iPad".

            Ah, so that's just the WiFi only version of the '4G' one. That makes a hell of a lot more sense.

          It is the "iPad 4" only Apple won't call it that. They call it the "iPad With Retina Display" (even though the 3rd generation model was retina as well, but then it was called "The New iPad") and it has a Lightning connector and A6X chip.

            Apple... it just works : /

          "iPad" doesn't refer to the first iPad anymore, this chart refers to the iPad 4th Gen, in wifi and 4G (LTE) models.

    What is black friday? Oh nothing in Australia. Why mention it when it has no meaning here. Again kotaku there is an .au in this sites url. Please be relevant to au.

      Apple's black Friday sale is also on in Australia this year. Those are the Australian sale prices.

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