Are You Ready For Some Motherduckin' Rock And Roll?

Rock music is incredibly powerful. Ducks as also incredibly powerful. Combine the two and damn, man... just damn.

Wild Factor's Duck and Roll, available now on iTunes, tells the age-old story of a duck with rock and roll in his heart, setting out from the pond to find success in the big city. His name is Jeff.

Jeff plays music by catching stars that rise from the bottom of the screen, tracing the path of them on the screen or slashing through them like some sort of fruit ninja. All of these things are exactly what one does when rocking out in real life, so it fits.

The game features six songs from artists I have never heard of, most of which sound like the late 90's, when rock briefly made a comeback. Here are those songs:

• Saints of Silence — Numb

Saints of Silence — In Motion

Saints of Silence — Finger in the Eye

Dan Phillison — The Journey

Dan Phillison — Time to Shine

Tempero — Tear It Down

It's a rather nifty little game, if you're into 90's alternative duck rock. There are three difficulty levels to challenge even the nimblest fingers, and more levels on the way, giving fans a chance to chart the further career of Jeff.

Really I'm just smitten with the idea of a duck named Jeff. It's enough of a thrill that I can overlook that mildly embarrassing launch video.

Duck and Roll [iTunes]


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