Assassin's Creed Sells An Estimated 3.5 Million Units In Its First Week Of Release

According to CEO Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft looks set to have one of the most successful holiday periods in its history with the release of three big hitters — Just Dance 4, Assassin's Creed III and Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3 is yet to be released, but it looks as though Assassin's Creed III is flying off the shelves.

"First-week sell-through sales for Assassin’s Creed III are estimated at over 3.5 million units," said Guillemot, "representing a year-over-year increase of more than 100 percent. Just Dance 4 is performing in line with our expectations and Far Cry 3 has achieved among the best playtest scores in Ubisoft’s history, confirming the game’s outstanding quality."

Of course, those are estimated numbers but they seem like they're in the ballpark. And if anyone had a decent idea, you'd expect it to be Guillemot.

It's also worth noting that Ubisoft also has a packed Wii U launch slate with ZombiU and Rayman Legends amongst the early releases for that console.

Assassin’s Creed III First Week Sales Estimated At Over 3.5 Million [Siliconera]


    not surprising....if anything mabye it shows long story drven games can work?...mabye?

      Or that people are suckers for squeals

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