At A Tokyo Event, Sony Turned Western Games Into Video Game Ambassadors

Today, Sony held the "World Game Project" in Akihabara, in which the electronics giant showed off 20 PS3 and PS Vita games. These titles were developed outside Japan, and the point of this hands-on event was to give Japanese gamers a chance to check out titles they might not otherwise and maybe remind them that some big Japanese franchises are now being farmed out to Western devs.

The weather was a bit crap today — cold and drizzly — but 4Gamer reported that there was a decent enough gathering, with waits between 15 to 20 minutes for the games.

Each year that passes, Japanese gamers seem more and more open to foreign developed games. Events like this, which are really Sony PR stunts, actually end up serving as ambassadors — video games ambassadors.

全20タイトルがプレイアブル出展 [4Gamer]


    Hopefully they dont start making games like this, Im happy with jrpgs DX

      true, but its still good to see that more japanese people are interested in trying foreign games out. While i generally prefer japanese games, alot of developers haven't exactly pushed their games any further than what they did over 5 years ago (make graphics look nicer, add more voice acting, cutscenes etc) mainly because they know their audience is not really interested in trying new things out. seeing conferences like this encourages developers to take risks while taking in inspiration from overseas, which japan has always been really good at.

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