At Least 77,000 People Want To See GTA V Release On The PC

At Least 77,000 People Want To See GTA V Release On The PC

You know it’s more than that, but at the time of this writing there are 77, 361 official signatures proclaiming each person’s desire to see Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto title release on PC.

And why shouldn’t it? After all, as the petition to Rockstar to get GTA V on PC offers, the PC modding community is part of what made previous titles thrive and evolve even years after their respective releases. Because of some crazy modders, we got to see insanely cool creations in the heart of some GTA games. It would be a crime to deprive GTA V of that same opportunity.

It’s not completely out of the question that we will see GTA V on PC. Rockstar’s Dan Houser was last quoted indicating that a PC version is potentially “up for consideration”, so hang tight for future (likely positive, is my guess) news.


  • Ummmmm… why wouldn’t it be coming to PC? Unless there is some exclusive licence with PS3 or 360 I don’t see why Rockstar would not want to bring it to the PC market. Look at how successful GTA 4 has been over steam.

    • And it’s not Rockstar San Diego that is behind it like they were for RDR, their only PC ports aren’t exactly amazing or known for them. Midnight Club II anyone lol.

  • Yeah port it to PC straight away so that everyone can pirate it. Just wait the 6 months after console release, you PC elitists sure are an entitled bunch.

    • You ever tried to pirate a modern Rockstar game? It’s not worth it, I heard a lot bitching about Max Payne 3 being impossible to crack because of Social Club. So no, I don’t see it happening that easily, so please get off your high horse and stop being a jerk to those who wish to play the game on release but won’t get to for not being part of the console club.

    • Nice generalising there mate. I want the PC version and I’m not going to pirate it. I’ll probably pay full shitty Australian retail for it too, because I’m not an asshole. Just because 4chan will pirate it doesn’t mean everybody’s going to.

    • So expecting same day releases across platforms is now an issue of entitlement? I wonder how much further we can stretch this term.

  • This game will come to PC anyways, just not on release. It’s better they spend more time on the PC release after the console release, so we don’t have the same porting issues gta4 did. Patience.

  • The fact that it’s this much of an afterthought already means that if we do get it, it will probably be as horribly coded as GTA IV was. The optimisation in that was just atrocious.

  • There’s just no value in it.

    They get some sales, but the piracy rates are through the roof.

    Also, God help them if they release it and it’s not:
    Super HD
    On Steam
    Cheaper than consoles
    DRM free
    A provider of free kittens.

    Fail any of the above and that’ll be the stated reason for piracy. Just look at Dark Souls.

    • Apart from the last one these are all extremely basic elements of a PC port. Super HD? Duh, you can change resolutions on every single PC game up to 1440p or even more by going into the files. On Steam? Easy, and good, since that provides actually well-done, non-intrusive DRM that people don’t mind. Cheaper than consoles? Obviously – no console manufacturer to pay fees to. Virtually every PC port is cheaper for this reason.

    • Nope, Rockstar abolished GFWL with Max Payne 3 they said, they simply went with social club as their DRM. Also you all assume it’s easy to pirate a PC game, mostly yes. A Rockstar game, no. They not only built in some kind of anti progress feature in Max Payne 3 for pirates but social club is also a pain to work around.

  • Silly kids, this petition was unnecessary.

    Can’t believe that there’s people who want it on console, especially after what happened with IV. haw haw haw.

  • I don’t think we’ll have any trouble getting a PC release. There is no way they’ll let those impressive visuals go to waste.

    • Agreed. The chance to do an ultimate edition (so to speak) using the higher end hardware found in PC’s should be too irresistible to pass up.

      Also, going way back to 1997 when the first GTA was released it was PC exclusive until the PS1 release 3 months later. Every version since has found its way to the PC and I don’t see why GTA V will be any different.

      I’m happy to let it be console exclusive if it means PC gamers get a better version when it is eventually released. I for one would gladly pay for it (as I have every other GTA release on the PC).

  • I cant believe all the nonsense being spread about PC gamers all being pirates and refusing to buy games, Does anyone have any source for these claims other than publishers themselves? Its the same way the MPAA claims that one of their albums was stolen so many times it caused an entire countries GDP in damages.

    Even at the time when it first comes out something like modern warfare only has like 30k downloads on the biggest pirate site in the world, The Pirate Bay.

    Then they will come out and say it was pirated 11 million times and it has forced them to have to sell you day one DLC for 1200MSP just so they can afford to feed their children.

    How could steam be successful if no PC gamers are willing to pay money? All of my friends are primarily PC gamers with hundreds of titles in their steam lists.

    If its too hard for them to develop a PC version due to the variety of specs that’s fine, if the PC market is too small that’s fine. Just be honest about it.

      • So that in the future they can make more games that you enjoy! If you don’t support the guys who make the games you like the future will consist entirely of CoD and Gears of War.

        Plus I’m sure the kind of people who pirate it would also just pirate it on the PS3 which only needs you to run a firmware update to fully unlock it, they aren’t going to suddenly decide to pay 60 dollars for it.

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