Aussie Nintendo eShop Updates: Wii U Bonanza

Aussie Nintendo eShop Updates: Wii U Bonanza

Well the Wii U is finally upon us, if you’re reading this then you’re probably at work and can’t play your Wii U yet or you’re not buying one. If I wasn’t at work, I’d be playing mine that’s for sure.

To help welcome the new system onto the market Nintendo, third parties and indies have gone all out to bring their wares to the new eShop.

It’s actually kind of weird to be honest. Most of the retail games are priced well, the original download games are really cheap and on parity with US pricing (and in some cases cheaper) and there’s even a demo available. I’m impressed!

Keep in mind I wrote this list last night and more things might have been added as something were still coming out on the ’30th’.

Now we’ve just got to wonder why the hell 3DS games are still priced at $69.95 on the eShop and indeed at retail.

Wii U Disc Software

• FIFA13 – $89.99
• Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition $89.95
• Nintendo Land – $79.95
• New Super Mario Bros U – $79.95
• Warrior Orochi 3 Hyper – $79.95
• Darksiders II – $79.95
• Sonic Racing Transformed – $69.95
• Ben 10: Omniverse – $69.95
• Just Dance 4 – $59.95
• Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade – $54.95

Wii U eShop Download Software

• Chasing Aurora – $15.60
• Little Inferno – $14.99
• Nano Assault Neo – $13.00
• Puddles – $10.40 (632mb) Special Price.

Wii U Demos

• FIFA 13 – Free – Limited to 10 Plays (1.2GB)

Wii U Apps

• Ubisoft’s uPlay – Free (40mb)

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      • still cheaper to buy retail or import though… picked up Sonic Racing for $58 today… $70 on the store… no thanks

        you could argue $12 for the convenience of not having to swap discs would be cool… but i dunno… i like physical copies when it comes to consoles (complete opposite for PC though)

        • I was being sarcastic. Pricing in our region is fuckin’ woeful with no justification.

          I’ve never bought anything from the eShop. Nintendo is equal parts incompetent and greedy when it comes to their online offering.

          • While I agree eShop prices are a joke I wonder how much of the pricing of digital content is influenced by retail stores holding companies to ransom.

            I remember ebgames (might be wrong) refusing to stock the psp go as it was a digital only device. I would imagine a similar thing happens if a company were to make their games significantly cheaper digitally.

            But I guess if Steam gets away with it, one would hope cheap digital console games will not be far away once enough consumers abandon retail and go digital.

          • Even the old-school games are way over-priced. I’d like to legitimately buy some old schools games for my 3DS but $9 for an old NES game is asking a bit much.

          • Good call.

            I’d have less issue paying that price if the old school games I bought cross over to different platforms (e.g. Mario Bros NES can be bought once and played on Wii VC and 3DS VC), but problem is Nintendo make it system bound and I have to re-buy if I want to play on another platform.

            I hope WiiU VC (which allows me to play old school games on gamepad) will allow cross-platform play with the introduction of the Nintendo ID, but for some reason I am doubting that….

  • FIFA 13 – Free – Limited to 10 Plays

    Why publishers, why! Demos do not cannibalise the sale of the full game. It’s just ridiculous!

    • It would probably take you about 8 gos in a sports game to get a sense of what you were supposed to be doing! I tried out the Madden Demo once, I may as well have been trying to play a Text Adventure in Japanese for all the sense it made!

    • People still play the Halo 1 PC demo to this day. It’s hilarious. I do not mean this comment to be a counter-argument to yours, I’m just posting a slightly relevant observation.

  • What is the WiiU’s ‘Virtual Console’ known as now? That’ what I’m interested in most. And does it contain everything that was already on the Wii, or do they have to re-licence everything?

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