Australian Gamers Band Together For Movember

Last year at Kotaku we did our own thing for Movember, but this year we thought we'd throw our support behind a group of guys who did big things last year. I'm talking, of course, about the 'Australian Gaming Community'. Last year they grew some mad moustaches and raised a lot of money whilst doing so. This year? They need your support all over again.

After setting an initial target of $2000 last year, the Australian Gaming Community ended up smashing it with a massive $11,000 total. This year the team is hoping to match that incredible number, with your help.

Team Captain Matt Hewson was blown away by last year's efforts.

"I couldn’t believe how well we did," he said. "I had started the team after finding out my godfather had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and hoped we could raise a little money to help out," When we had passed our initial goal before Movember had even started I was ecstatic. As the month went on, goal after goal was knocked over and to finish with over $11k was beyond anything I could have hoped for. It just goes to show how committed gamers are to helping a good cause."

This year Matt and the team are looking for new members, and donations. That's where you guys (and girls) come in.

"This year is a whole new kettle of fish, I am happy to say my godfather is now in remission and things are looking great for him," said Matt. "The fact he is healing is due to excellent medical care and scientific research which is in no small part funded by charities such as Movember. So I am getting the band back together and we want new members. Join the team, have some fun and help both Prostate Cancer research and Male Depression treatment at the same time. If you can’t join please think about donating and if you are of the fairer sex we have a place for you too! All help is welcomed with open arms"

Head here to join the team or donate and if you want to follow the team's exploits on Facebook head in this direction.


    There still is a Kotaku Movember group going if anyone is interested.

      So next year can Team Kotaku join us? Follow us on @AGCMovember on Twitter. We will start recruiting early for 2013 :)

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