Australian Halo 4 Team Tear Up The Competition At MLG

Australia's top pro Halo squad Team Immunity headed over the to world's first major Halo 4 tournament at MLG this weekend. 260 of the world's best teams attended and, despite the fact some of the top seeds had two weeks to practice the game, Team Immunity still managed to place 9th. Such an incredible result guys — very well done.

It's also worth noting that Instinct, the most successful pro Halo team during the last two years, also placed 9th — which really cements how incredible an achievement this actually was.

It's quite an incredible story. Team Immunity features three Australian players, but their fourth is actually Ogre 1 — one half of the legendary Ogre twins, one of the most decorated professional Halo players of all time.

Just after placing 9th, the team got together and did a Video Blog about their experiences at the tournament, which is well worth watching if you're a fan of competitive Halo, or even just Halo multiplayer in general.

Congratulations guys. Brilliant result.


    Four hours until Halo 4 drops in New Zealand. Time to bring out the old 360, a 6 pack of energy drinks and Halo Reach.
    Party hard.

    Well done blokes. I've only played against pros cod4...wasn't pretty for our team haha.

      Come on you weren't that bad. Our team just has some crackers on it


      A guy that still thinks that people who play video games will have trouble getting sex as a result ...

      They still make people like you?

        no just halo and lol players.... all the other games do very well.... halo doesnt really encourage team work its who can waste the most time possible learning positioning and exploits, read up on it.

          I think you need to read up on what the word virginity means

          That is the biggest load of bullshit. I know plenty of guys who are into halo and they pull bitches.
          And there is more team work in Halo than CoD - watch a MLG CoD game, they just camp the entire time

            They dont, your talking to someone who's played with them...... wow you people take this too seriously.

            Halo players dont pull girls and neither do cod campers....

              I'm pretty damn sure it's a rare type of girl you can pull by gaming. Props to IM for having really great competitive teams.

    Call me petty, but why is a console gaming team sponsored by PC component brands?

      Why does Hungry Jacks sponsor the AFL?

      iM also has Counter-Strike, LoL, and StarCraft 2 divisions.

    Congrats guys. These guys were the first team I played against when I decided to try the MLG playlist for the first time on Reach. Needless to say my team was slaughtered. I got 1 kill.

    Damn, to think there are only 36 people better than them. That's something to be proud of!


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