Backhanded Box Quotes: No Need For Creed

Backhanded Box Quotes: No Need For Creed

Welcome back to “Backhanded Box Quotes”, a collection of measured, thoughtful criticism from the user reviews of Metacritic and elsewhere.

Assassin’s Creed III

Released: Oct. 31

Critic: elgringo (Metacritic)
“They pulled off Mass Effect 3 with this game.”
Score: 0

Critic: Skycrimson (Metacritic)

"I thought I was actually playing AC2 again because GS gave me the wrong game."
Score: 0

Critic: revial (Metacritic)
"Conner was a mental midget who spends the entire game acting like a petulant six year old."
Score: 4

Critic: Aust1mh (Metacritic)
"game tries and fails to rip off Red Dead Redemption."
Score: 3

Critic: Comic Book Guy ElSuthero (Metacritic)
"After spending years studying the peninsular wars and American civil and revolutionary wars as a hobby I was absolutely bouncing off the walls waiting for this game. I'm British myself and couldn't wait to take on the relentless Redcoats and teach them a lesson in manners that apparently all Brits in the media are portrayed to have! This it would seem would be incredibly easy, every Redcoat in AC3 is simply obnoxious, now considering many army regulars were criminals or the lowest in social standing and many would have never seen a native american, a reaction for the worst would be expected, however considering that most 'Natives' sided with the British concerns me with regards to accuracy!...

Poor Charles Lee, he had a particularly bad war, he wanted Washington's job. history suggests he didn't get it, but to make him out in early scenes to be a loveable rogue and in later scenes to be a child prodding sycophant is pushing it, he died of a fever with his hunting hounds. Sadly inconsistencies are throughout this game, even the weaponry is incorrect, I know I'm being a nerd here but how long and how many people were studying the history for this game?..."
Score: 4

Critic: NintendoSucks1 (Metacritic)
"Worst game since Super Mario Galaxy."
Score: 0

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Released: Oct. 31

Critic: Jaha (Metacritic)
"I bet Super Mario Karts have better car handling."
Score: 0

Critic: Gar (Metacritic)
"This is a half breed for Burnout and Need for Speed. Bad thing is that they picked the worsts parts of both so its really really bad."
Score: 4

Critic: BSEI (Metacritic)
"It is however fun and enjoyable for small children or mentally challenged, the same as Mario Kart is."
Score: 2


  • I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan but I was very disappointed with how number 3 turned out, it looked so promising but it turn out to be a glitchy bore fest, also the collectables weren’t even worth getting.

  • Critic: Aust1mh (Metacritic)
    • “game tries and fails to rip off Red Dead Redemption.”
    Score: 3

    He does realise that they entered production around the same time, yeah?

      • “Speaking to journalists at a London reveal event last week, Ubisoft said that when Red Dead Redemption was released mid-way through AC3’s development, it was surprised to see Rockstar had included wild animal hunting and a giant frontier to explore – features both planned for its own sequel.”

  • Is this shit real? All these negative reviews? It is nothing like red dead redemption why because it isn’t boring! It’s a brilliant game in a massive alive world! Some people are just so blind glitches, comparing get over it just enjoy games you little bitches!

  • “Worst game since Super Mario Galaxy.”
    Super Mario Galaxy was great, so I don’t get your comparison.

    “They pulled off Mass Effect 3 with this game.”
    Mass Effect 3 was great. My only issues were to much ‘I love you bro’ drama in the dialog.

    “I thought I was actually playing AC2 again because GS gave me the wrong game.”
    Assassins Creed 2 was great. If it’s as good as that, then I’ll be happy. Though Brotherhood is my favourite of the Ezio saga.

    “game tries and fails to rip off Red Dead Redemption.”
    But Red Dead Redemption was technically an rip-off of Gun, by Neversoft. Rockstar took it to the next level!

    That’ll do from me, getting bored…

  • Not sure about all the dislike also, apart from a few non blocking glitches just enjoyed my first playthrough.

    Hell I’d buy the same game even if it only had the hunting minigame, the naval minigame or the boxing tournament!

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