Bad Things Happen When Team Fortress 2's Medic Loses His Bird

Zachariah Scott, a cinematic designer at BioWare, may have an unfair advantage when it comes to Source Filmmaker clips, seeing as he's not exactly an amatuer, but whatever. If professional videos are what we get when professionals use the tool, then we're all winners.

In this clip, TF2's Medic has an...episode after the loss of his beloved bird. It's far more haunting than I would have thought before I pressed play.

Bad Medicine [YouTube]


    Legitimate draw drop over this. But you can really tell he's from BioWare.

    Wow, that was just *spectacular*. Loved it.

    Can we get a petition going to change the ending? ;)

    wow. had goosebumps. nearly made me cry... :( and :) at the same time

    Oh wow. Kinda heartbreaking :/

    That was amazing and very powerful. But oh so heartbreaking

    No Medic! Don't inject the red Jarate! That's not healthy! Both for you, and Sniper.

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