Battlefield 3 Is About To Get A Bunch Of New Maps (And An Earthquake)

Map packs are a funny business. If you're engrossed in a game's multiplayer, and embedded in the community, it's a massive event. If not? It's difficult to justify the cost and the whole thing sort of feels a bit like a rip-off. For example, I can't muster any enthusiasm for Battlefield 3: Aftermath, but our designer Ben White — who lives for Battlefield 3? At the mention of the word 'aftermath' he started hyperventilating.

"Oh my god it has an earthquake," was the first thing he said, once he caught his breath. "It's going to be awesome."

The above trailer does its level best to explain the awesome through the medium of people shooting each other to pulsing rhythmic music.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is set for release tomorrow on PSN, and December 2 for everyone else.


    For everyone else WITH bf3 premium that is.

      I don't encounter too many people on there these days that aren't premium members. If you play the game much then you're going to want all the expansion packs anyway (well... maybe not the unfortunate Close Quarters one :P), and that's the cheapest way to get them.

    I'm hugely into BF3 - but honestly I have no idea what to expect from Aftermath and had noidea it had an earthquake in it until now. Maybe I'm getting ready to hang up my SMAW.

    Who am I kidding I'll be on this day 1.

    Map packs are a tricky thing. I remember back in my Call of Duty days having to explain to people that the high price for maps wasn't that bad considering I played them each a hundred billion times. Obviously I'd love free maps like in the old PC days, but I put more time into those paid maps than most of my single player games.

    Yeah theres some people on servers with the Xbox already. And some servers are already running Aftermath maps.
    Not as excited for this one, but I'm in premium so will download anyway. Wonder how the quakes effect things? And I like the new look of the classes.
    Housemate and I just set up 2 TVs next to each other both with PS3 versions, goodbye productivity.

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