BioShock Infinite Won't Have Multiplayer

Back in August, we told you that we'd heard BioShock Infinite was having problems with its multiplayer, a feature that hadn't actually been publicly announced. They're problems that, come November, seem insurmountable.

Series boss Ken Levine has told Twitter followers that the game won't be shipping with multiplayer. No multiplayer at all. You can read the tweets in question below.

Multiplayer and BioShock Infinite have had an on-off relationship. In 2010, Levine told us the game might not have any multiplayer. Then Kotaku learned two unannounced multiplayer modes, a co-op tower defence game and a version of Call of Duty's "Spec Ops", had been axed from the game.

At the time, we were unsure whether any multiplayer modes were left in the game after those cuts. Guess not!

The absence of multiplayer shouldn't be terribly surprising, or upsetting to series fans, since the last game Levine worked on, the original BioShock, was also a singleplayer-only experience.


    Thank you for saving video games from the "me-too-multiplayer" syndrome. So many games already destroyed by developer's attempt to push multiplayer into their game.

      I am so glad Multiplayer got scratched

      More focus can now go on the single player experience

    +1 for the glad-there's-no-multiplayer crew

    i dont have a problem with Multiplayer if it is done properly and not just tacked on at the end,
    but i am glad that they decided to scrap it if it just wasnt working instead of releasing it to us broken

    Good move. Too many games just have multiplayer tacked on to be able to tick a box on some marketing person's checklist without any thought given to whether it actually adds anything to the game that isn't already on offer in any number of other games. I'd rather more games took this approach of focussing on doing fewer things but doing them better.

    Metro:Last Light scraped MP, Infinite is ditching it, the guys behind Spec Ops admitted it was pointless. Can this be a trend, please?

    Given the talent they brought onboard to do the multiplayer... and then the additional talent the brought on to bring it back on track; I doubt that this is the way they wanted it to go... it's more likely they just couldn't get it to work by launch time.

    I won't miss the multiplayer - I don't see how they could have made all the systems work cohesively. There'd be a disconnect conceptually between the single player and multiplayer, like in Spec Ops. Multiplayer should be an extension of core gameplay mechanics and when they have to take too many distinguishing factors away to make it work, it becomes generic and pointless.

    I think some people have this perception that multiplayer is the only thing that gives a game longevity - wrong. I've played the first bioshock countless times. I'll play any good single player game that has good story/atmosphere more then once, easily. That my friends is what I personally look for, and believe I get my dollars worth. There are an abundance of multiplayer only games, and I think thats a good thing, thats what they do, and they do it well. I can see the selling point of multi for a dev and publisher, for the above mentioned reasons. I would support co-op in a lot of games, but I do prefer to get lost by myself in the world that some of these games create.

    Yay! No Multiplayer. One more reason to look forward to buying this game.

    It might be interesting to see a Bioshock-style game built from the ground up as a multiplayer experience, with little or no single-player narrative driven game play. Just for the sake of seeing those crazy powers and abilities interact in that kind of environment. However this isn't really something I'd expect from Ken Levine and if I want to play a multiplayer game, there's plenty of other options.

    fuck multiplayer in the neck

    Great, more time on the single player, multiplayer isn't something I enjoy in most games anyway.

    Yeah. The Quake 3: Arena FPS model is getting old - very old!

    This is great, if only far cry 3 scrapped multiplayer as well. I hope metro last light does the same as well.

    The thing with Multiplayer is this:
    Call of Duty

    Unless you're one of these shooter franchises you may as well not bother putting a MP mode in your game, don't get me wrong, I'm glad some games do I've had tonnes of fun in Transformers, Crackdown and Splinter Cell MP modes in recent times, but the thing about PvP multiplayer is that it's only good when you've got people playing the game and all these games coming out (a lot of them annually) is diminishing and diluting the player-base.

    I considered picking up either Bioshock 2 or Brink earlier in the year during a sale and ultimately decided against either and got Shadows of the Damned instead, and I'm quite pleased with my choice because there's nothing worse than having a multiplayer game which nobody is playing!

    There was a time, about two years ago where people seemed to be down on Single Player and talking about MP only in games but I'd say that has reversed, certainly most of the best games I've played in recent years have no multiplayer: Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Deus Ex HR, Enslaved, Vanquish, Shadow Complex, Batman: Arkham City, Just Cause 2, Mirror's Edge.

    Bioshock multiplayer always sucked anyway

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