Black Ops II Zombies Leaks All Over The Internet


    WTF times a hundred.

      Mr Ashcraft - did you not listen to the video.

      On the plus side at least he's finally reporting on a video game instead of just Japanese cosplay.

    yeah... this popped up on the torrents earlier today.

    why let the halo leak players have all the fun :P

    But this is footage of a map in Black Ops, with a guy just saying "hey Black ops 2 is on the internet, and i'm not going to watch it till release" and "i'm not going to show you any footage"?

    Maybe check the video first before republishing?

      I think that's the best video he could put up to avoid spoilers.

    Yes this contains no footage whatsoever, just Black Ops 1 gameplay with some guy trying to cash in by claiming that he has Black Ops 2 footage in the title of his video.

    i demand a job a kotaku - even i (with absolutely zero experience and knowledge in the field) can do a better job than the people that post the BS that appears on this site day after day

      And get the rest of your "inspiration" by 1. visiting Reddit
      2. Ctrl+c
      3. Ctrl+v
      4. Post
      5. ???
      6. Profit!

      and you have better grammar and punctuation!

    xbox360 version has been out almost a day on torrent sites and working fine according to comments so there will be more videos then just this

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