Blizzard Black Friday Begins Now

Here's Blizzard's Black Friday sale, which starts not on Black Friday, but RIGHT NOW. StarCraft II for $US20, Diablo III for $US40. Not bad!


    Gonna go ahead and assume we can't acces that.

      My Warcraft subscription was always in USD so it's possible they're not region locked. I logged into my Battle.Net account, put one in the cart and it doesn't seem to have any objection to charging me the sale price (I won't bother buying since I'm not really into Diablo and I've already got Starcraft II).

    Also, gunna go ahead and assume that most people already own those :P

      Yeeeeeesssss. Most people. *shifty look*

        I only have Diablo 3 *Physical collector's edition*

        I don't hate on RTS, so I may look at getting Starcraft 2

      I was thinking about picking up Starcraft 2 for $33ish (it was on sale at JB a few days ago) but decided I was better off waiting for all 3 to come out as it'll probably be cheaper by then. I've never played Starcraft and it's something I can wait on.

        Same here man

        If I ever want to RTS I go back to Civ 5 or maybe Dawn of War 2

    I payed $60 for Starcraft 2 on the weekend. For those that don't have it (provided that these deals are available in AUS too) it's well worth the $20 quoted.

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