Borderlands 2 Available For Mac In Two Weeks

Mac gaming used to something of a weird joke (excluding Marathon of course) but now it's an actual thing. I've been playing a fair few games on my MacBook Pro, and I busted Kotaku web designer Ben White playing Portal 2 on his Mac. With the touchpad. Urgh. Anyway — we've just heard that Borderlands 2 is heading to the Mac, and will be available on Steam in a couple of weeks.

The system requirements, as provided by Aspyr, are as follows:

CPU Processor: Intel Quad Core CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Video Memory (VRam): 512MB *Apple original CPU’s only, CPU upgrades not supported.

The following video chipsets are unsupported...

ATI RADEON HD 2000 series NVIDIA 8600m NVIDIA 9400m, 9600m

It's interesting that the game has only taken a couple of months to get a Mac release. It seems as though the disparity between these ports is reducing massively. How much longer until all games have a roughly simultaneous PC and Mac release?

Holy Skag Poop! Borderlands 2 Coming To The Mac in Two Weeks [Cult of Mac]

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    Hey! I played Portal 2 on a mac... with the touchpad! It worked really well. Don't worry Ben, you're not alone.

    Going to eventually play The Walking Dead on my mac too. I find that nearly everything I don't want to play on my xbox is playable on my mac, in fact.

      With regards to this release, that's awesome news. Hopefully I can pick it up in one of the future Steam sales then I'll be able to play it online with my PC-only brother.

      Walking Dead is awesome! Why haven't you played it already?!

      I played it on OS X with this mouse:
      (I hate Apple mice and the trackpad)

    It's nice to see that Macs are being more recognised within the gaming space, I can only attribute this attitude shift to Valve putting Steam on Mac, and also perhaps Apple taking a more invested interest in gaming due to the success they've seen in the mobile market.

    It's not going to stop me from eventually exchanging my admittedly beautiful iMac for a hackintosh in the future though. I just really want to play Planetside 2, and I don't see that coming to Mac any time soon.

      The introduction of easy distribution via the OSX App Store, the rise of indie developers, and the appearance of the iPad which has games easy to port to OSX probably has more to do with the surge in Mac gaming then Valve.

        Maybe in the casual gaming space, but the availability of Steam has probably lead to mainstream developers like Ubisoft and Activison putting their games on Mac.

        I don't think we would have seen Assassin's Creed on Mac if Steam wasn't available on the OS.

        The Mac App Store is pathetic. Many more OS X games are available on Steam and most of the titles in the Mac App Store are terrible.

        Edit: Also, price increases for Australia are usually somewhat lesser on Steam.
        Take this as an example:
        MAS au
        MAS us
        Steam au (us is the same price)

        Last edited 10/11/12 11:16 am

    I swear the install button in Steam (mac) is visible for Borderlands 2 already and has been for a few weeks..

    To be honest, one thing I like about Mac gaming is we usually get the Game of the Year/Special Edition a year or two after the PC version, and it has all the expansions and DLC included. Looks like we're going to get milked for DLC along with the PC gamers this time. :P

    Good to see someone mentioning marathon these days.

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