Borderlands 2 Patch For Xbox 360 Fixes Potential Save-Erasing Bug

Borderlands 2 Patch For Xbox 360 Fixes Potential Save-Erasing Bug

A potential game-save erasing bug affecting Xbox 360 players of Borderlands 2 has officially been patched today, according to developer Gearbox.

The bug originated from players who hacked their own games and then played multiplayer games online with others. It only affected players on Xbox 360; players on PC and PS3 did not face an issue.

Today, the patch became available on Xbox Live. The description reads, simply, “Added security to prevent data loss tied to malicious violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct through an unsupported third-party program.”

Xbox 360 Update Information [Gearbox Official Site]


  • Meh, what a boring one…I was hoping they’d fix how you can’t use 2 characters on the same profile simultaneously (ie. one as a guest)
    Though maybe they made it that way intentionally?

    • Really? You can use two characters on the same profile PS3. Very useful for transferring items, bit quicker than Claptrap’s locker.

      • Not on 360, unless theres some magical trick that buried deep in the menu.
        To be clear, I mean co-op. So two people signed in to the same profile (one as guest), both using characters from the host profile.
        You can do it in Borderlands 1, but for some reason not 2…

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