Borderlands Legends Arrives On The iTunes App Store

Borderlands Legends, the iOS spin-off to Gearbox’s popular shooter, is now on the iTunes store for you to buy, if you’re an Apple person. Annoyingly, it’s not universal, so you’ll have to decide whether you want the $5.49 iPhone version or the $7.49 iPad version.

Check the links for compatibility, but both work with recent iOS devices.

Borderlands Legends (iPhone) [iTunes App Store] Borderlands Legends (iPad) [iTunes App Store]


    Heard a lot of BAD things about this game. controls that just dont function well together, a game that really ignores all the things its namesake did that make it great. But then, why should i be surprised.

      It got one of the worst TouchArcade reviews I've read in a while, that's for sure.

    It hasn't been very fun on my first 30 minutes of gameplay.. will see how it goes..

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