Bring Your Spartan Branded Batteries Back To EB, Because They Might Catch Fire!

The folks at EB have just issued a product safety recall on all Spartan branded rechargeable batteries. According to EB the charging connections have been reversed on some of the units meaning there is a "high possibility it will catch fire", which is bad.

EB has stated that anyone using the battery pack should (obviously) stop using the product, and then return the product, or any products using the Spartan batteries to EB immediately. You'll get a full refund with or without a receipt.

You can call EB at 133 930 or head to the website. For Australian product recall information head here.


    And that's why you buy genuine...

      I've never seen a genuine Nintendo rechargeable battery? I thought the console/controller manuals advise against using them?

    unfortunately this highlights my paranoia with using 3rd party products. Especially anything involving batteries and charging. Seen too many mobile phones go dead after using battery packs and charging equipment that were not licensed.

    But it comes with a free frogurt

    That's good

    But the frogurt is also cursed

    That's bad

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      What is that from? Sounds like something from monkey island

        The Simpsons =P

          Back when they were still trying and not just getting by on cameos and pop culture references.

      Mmmmm Forbidden Items

    My ones are kinda old but I will be taking them back anyway because they are so useless.

    Yeah I bought some of these earlier in the year and aside from exploding they just plain don't work and don't hold any charge, seriously how hard is it to make a battery!!?

    I seriously don't know what everyone has been whining about with these. Mine work so damn well, that if they caught fire, I'd actually be proud of them lasting this long.

    I just bought a "Spartan Twin Charger Pack" for my Wii remotes (7/12/13) from EB Games. This so called RECALL, is it still ongoing or is it all been fixed? I have put the new packs on the remotes, & the LED lights have turned red. So I am guessing that means it's charging now & when fully charged it turns blue?

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