Buy Your Own Floating Portal Core (That Actually Floats)

Buy Your Own Floating Portal Core (That Actually Floats)

Now that the world has moved on from making giant sharks float around by the magic of fancy air, we can move onto more interesting things like Portal personality cores.

Thinkgeek are selling two variants of the item you see above, Wheatley or Space, for $US20 each. Sadly, they’re not remote-controlled. They’re basically glorified balloons. But they’re glorified Portal balloons.

Portal 2 Inflatable Personality Core [Thinkgeek, via Copiously Geeky]


  • Helium…..

    also, the dictionary definition of Float from

    verb (used without object)
    1. to rest or remain on the surface of a liquid; be buoyant: The hollow ball floated.
    2. to move gently on the surface of a liquid; drift along: The canoe floated downstream.
    3. to rest or move in a liquid, the air, etc.: a balloon floating on high.
    4. to move lightly and gracefully: She floated down the stairs.
    5. to move or hover before the eyes or in the mind: Romantic visions floated before his eyes.

  • I think the comments are a little harsh.

    I mean, in the first line he points out that we’ve recently seen products that make more use of helium in the home to have products that float/fly. ANY product that has air in it can really be filled with helium to float, so who says they don’t? What you choose to put into them is your own business.

    Basically, everyone calm your farms a bit, and if the way people write articles for this tech blog isn’t up to your diamond standard, then start your own.

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