Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Has A Mighty Marvel Easter Egg

Black Ops II is all about the consequences of unmanned war machines running amok under a hostile power. So the last you might be expecting to find is a certain Thunder God's magical weapon as an easter egg.

But Mjolnir — the war hammer wielded by Thor — is exactly what GameFront found in Black Ops II, tucked away in one of the game's early levels. The video above show you how to get to it. A little weird? Yeah, but cool as Asgard, too.


    And the subject of Kotaku's 15th Black Ops II article today is...(*drumroll*)... GameFront found an easter egg!

    Runner's up included:
    "More Funny Youtube Videos of Black Ops II"
    "Check out this Black Ops II mod for GTA IV"

      Dude take a chill pill, go play world of warcraft or hello kitty fantasy island.

        Only one new game came out this week. Surprised that it's the hot topic?

        All I can read from your comment is "I don't like this game! Everyone else should stop having fun with it!"

      God, you're boring.

    Mjolnir is also the name of the armor that Spartans in Halo use hahaha halo4 is 100 times better than Call of Duty Fecal Ops 10

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