Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Will Feature Multiplayer Live-Streaming Via YouTube

Activision's FPS sequel will be breaking new ground when Call of Duty: Black Ops II allows players to broadcast live in-game multiplayer streaming to YouTube from the Xbox 360 and PS3.

As previously mentioned, the new functionality is a first for modern consoles, allowing them to transmit gameplay in real-time. The streams will be viewable on web browsers and mobile devices through the Call of Duty Elite service as well as individual YouTube accounts. Integration with the Elite service will let registered members view stats, loadouts and match data of the player broadcasting the match. The YouTube livestreaming will be available right on Black Ops II's November 13 release date.


    Will it also feature a local only search option? Because people are leaving Halo 4 for not including it.

      this is the #1 thing treyarch did right on black ops 1, local search.

        Treyarch have always done that. Because unlike Infinity Ward, who only care about your money, Treyarch cares about your friendship, so they're completely aware that players outside US exist.

          not sure if friendship is the word, but you continuing to play long enough to buy dlc is definitely a goal for them.

          MW3 hasnt been too bad for me, i do get aussie games more often than not, but that does require tunring off the dlc most of the time. Way to punish those who give you more money.

            agree with what you have said, in Blops 1 it seemed like you got dlc maps alot in the playlists, not so much in mw3, unless u want to play with 1-2 bars and annoying texans.

            Maybe if the map packs were 800ms points instead of 1200 more people would buy them.

      Pretty sure i read some where that they will have a local preference; based on ping and latency, rather than phyical location.

      yeah cause halo 4 has great matchmaking every time im put on yank servers last night i was playing with asians

    looks like is going to fill youtube with more retarded kids trying to be famous.

      "OMG chk owt mai sw33t 360 mlg no-scope pro gamer skill shoot"

    if i can use it to get hackers banned im all for it.

    Yeah i will say, i dont see the need for this. I dont think the try hards will use it much because people will see how many times it takes them to pull of those "skill/trick shots". But for the hardcore competitive gamers it could be interesting. But i mostly use mlg or twitch for that.

    Remember when Dirt 3 had the feature to upload your replays to youtube... I couldn't search anything without a Dirt 3 video popping up. This is a bad Idea.

    Good luck to those of us in Aus livestreaming this on our ADSL2+ (or less) connections.

    Granted, it will work, but at such a low quality, who would watch?

    Won't be buying until something is done to stop the blatant cheating that goes on in almost every online MW game. Happy to be killed by someone who is better, but not by someone who has a clear advantage over other players in the game.
    Get rid of the cheaters and the hacks and you'll get my money. Don't care how great the game is.

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