Candy Crush Saga Triumphantly Travels To iOS

Candy Crush Saga Triumphantly Travels To iOS

Earlier this year brought its smash hit Facebook game Bubble Witch Saga to iOS, and there was much rejoicing, as well as a little gnashing of free time. Now it’s Candy Crush Saga‘s turn.

Regularly showing up on the most played Facebook games list along with its older siblings, Candy Crush Saga is a matching puzzle game of the magical journey variety. Each of its more than 125 levels transports the player further along a path, passing friends along the way.

The mobile version of the game syncs with its Facebook counterpart, meaning players can progress through the levels no matter where they go. There is no reason to stop playing ever. *stares wild-eyed at the screen*

It’s got a colourful and quirky style that’s hard to resist, and now that it’s on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch there’s really no reason to.

Candy Crush Saga (free) [iTunes App Store]

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